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Born in 1977 in Agen in the south-west of France, Matthieu took his first drumming lessons at the age of 6 with his father, ex amateur drummer and jazz enthusiast.

After a five-year stint at the Conservatory of Pau (Learning Classical Percussion in the class of Patrick Guise), he joined in 1996 the team of the CMCN (Center Musical and Creative Nancy), thus refocusing on the drums alongside others by Richard Paul Morellini, Franck Agulhon and André Charlier.

He finishes the curriculum as the valedictorian of his Promotion.

In the summer of 1997, after decisive meetings during the Jazz in Marciac workshop (Oscar Peterson, Elvin Jones) he decided to go to New York for a few months.

He meets musicians such as John Riley, Kenny Washington, etc.

During the next three years, enrolled at the National Conservatory of Toulouse, already professional, Matthew play in various formations (Big bands, bands of variety “ball”).

He finished his studies in Toulouse with a First Prize of drums (unanimously) and the State Diploma of Jazz.

In September 2000, Matthieu finally left the South West of France and entered the Jazz and Improvised Musics Department of the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris, studying for 3 years the drums alongside Daniel Humair.

In June 2003, he won the First Prize (with congratulations).

After a few months in New York in 2005 (private lessons with Jeff Ballard, Ari Hoenig), he made the final choice to live in Paris.

Performing regularly in festivals and jazz clubs in France, but also abroad (Japan, South America, Australia, Canada etc ..), Matthieu Chazarenc collaborated with:

Versatile drummer, also “in love” with “French popular music“, Matthieu Chazarenc goes on tour in 2013 and 2014, with the singer Olivia Ruiz.

In November 2017, Charles Aznavour’s conductor called on him for a concert at Bercy AccorHotels Arena, followed by a series of concerts in France and abroad.

February 2018 Matthieu Chazarenc releases his first album as a leader and composer “CANTO” published on the Jazz Family Label in collaboration

with CC Production.

March 2021, CANTO II « Cançon »  is out on the label Cristal Records.

Matthieu Chazarenc is a YAMAHA artist.

Matthieu is a regular intervenant at Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood (CMDL).



    26.03.21   « Le Petit Duc » Aix en Provence Concert streaming de sortie d’album‹Le concert sera retransmis en direct sur le site internet du Petit Duc. 

  • 01.04.21   Intervention Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood Dammarie-les-Ly

    07.04.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Saint-Riquier (en cours de re programmation) 

    12.05.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO: Live TSF émission ImproBox, Invité de Ibrahim Maalouf

    01.06.21   Matthieu Chazarenc / Laurent Derache – Inauguration Passerelle « Michel Serres » – Agen

    05.06.21   Benny Lackner trio “Porgy and Bess jazz club” (Vienna) 

    07.06.21   résidence Mathias Lévy « Les démons familiers » (Fontenay s/Bois)

    08.06.21   résidence Mathias Lévy « Les démons familiers » (Fontenay s/Bois)

    09.06.21   résidence Mathias Lévy « Les démons familiers » (Fontenay s/Bois)

    10.06.21   résidence Mathias Lévy « Les démons familiers » (Fontenay s/Bois)

    12.06.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Festival 360 CĂ©nac 

    14.06.21   Recording: Mathias LĂ©vy ” Les dĂ©mons familiers ” Paris

    15.06.21   Recording: Mathias LĂ©vy ” Les dĂ©mons familiers ” Paris16.06.21   Recording: Mathias LĂ©vy “Persona” Paris

    20.06.21   Recording: Mathias LĂ©vy ” Les dĂ©mons familiers ” Paris

    25.06.21   Manuel Rocheman TRIO + Rick Margitza – Sunset Sunside (Paris)26.06.21   Manuel Rocheman TRIO + Rick Margitza – Sunset Sunside (Paris)

    29.06.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Festival Peaux Ă  Pau

    30.06.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Festival Abbaye de FontDou 

    02.07.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Caverne Jazz Marseille  

    21.07.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Monflanquin (TournĂ©e Gasconne)

    22.07.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Puymirol , Puym Jazz Festival  (TournĂ©e Gasconne)

    24.07.21   Kevin Reveyrand / Olivier Ker Ourio / Patrick Manouguian / Jean Luc Di Fraya – Fest “Le Petit Tambour qui danse” – Cadenet 

    06.08.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO, guest: Sylvain Luc – Jazz in Langourla Festival

    11.08.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO  – Antibes Jazz Festival

    14.08.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO  – Saint Clar (TournĂ©e Gasconne)

    15.08.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO  – Chateau de Clermont-Dessous (TournĂ©e Gasconne)

    19.08.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Auditorium de Prayssas (TournĂ©e Gasconne)

    20.08.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO  – Festival Agen Village (TournĂ©e Gasconne)

    06.09.21   Recording Khalil Chahine

    07.09.21   Recording Khalil Chahine

    08.09.21   Recording Khalil Chahine

    10/09/21  Khalil Chahine – Sunset Sunside – Paris 

    17.09.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Sunset Sunside (Paris)

    18.09.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Anglet Jazz Festival

    25.09.21   Giovanni Mirabassi / StĂ©phane Spira – Sunset Sunside (Paris) 

    28.09.21   Orchestre de Chambre de Lyon – Salle MoliĂšre

    29.09.21   Orchestre de Chambre de Lyon – Salle MoliĂšre

    11.10.21   Intervention CRDA 

    14.10.21   Marco Poingt Espace Culturel François Mitterand (Boé)

    21.10.21   Manuel Rocheman TRIO + Rick Margitza – Bal Blomet (Paris)

    28.10.21   Stage « l’échappĂ©e » Pavie

    29.10.21   Stage « l’échappĂ©e » Pavie

    30.10.21   Stage « l’échappĂ©e » Pavie

    08.11.21   Intervention CRDA

    12.11.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – ThĂ©Ăątre Ducourneau – AGEN Guest Sylvain Luc + Choeur d’enfants 

    16.11.21   Benny Lackner TRIO A-Trane Jazz Club Berlin

    18.11.21   Benny Lackner TRIO – Leipzig (Allemagne) 

    19.11.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Tarbes MDA

    20.11.21   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Barbaste Theatre du Bidochon

    25.11.21   Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood

    28.11.21  Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – “Chez Daniele” Paris

    06.12.21   Intervention CRDA

    24.01.22   Intervention CRDA

    07.01.22   Mathias LĂ©vy ” Les dĂ©mons familiers ” Le Comptoir (Fontenay sous Bois)

    24.01.22 Intervention CRDA

    15.02.22   Matthieu Chazarenc  CANTO – Eaubonne Jazz

    21.02.22   Intervention CRDA

    26.02.22   Manuel Rocheman / Rick Margitza – L’Osons Jazz Club (Lurs) 

    28.02.22   Intervention CRDA

    12.03.22   Matthieu Chazarenc  CANTO – Jazz Off Eyme

    18.03.22   Khalil Chahine Group – Theatre de Caen

    21.03.22   Intervention CRDA

    25.03.22   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO Villennes-sur-Seine 

    29.04.22   Mathias LĂ©vy « Les dĂ©mons familiers » Thionville (Adagio)‹

    30.04.22   Mathias LĂ©vy “ Les dĂ©mons familiers ” Radio France Paris

    21.05.22   Intervention CRDA

    26.05.22   Khalil Chahine Group – Festival jazz dans le Bocage

    09.05.22   Intervention CRDA

    30.06.22   Benny Lackner TRIO Heilbronn (Germany)

    24.07.22 Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO Festival Jazz au fil du Cher 

    22.09.22   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO  – Grenoble , Salle Stendhal

    23.09.22   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – ChambĂ©ry , Jazz Club 

    28.09.22   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Berlin (Germany)  A-Trane jazz club  

    29.09.22   Matthieu Chazarenc CANTO – Bird’s Eye (Suisse) 

    09.02.23   Benny Lackner TRIO Bird’s Eye BĂąle (Suisse)   




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